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What number of Swiss movements did COSC test past year? Who will be the best 10 COSC-players?one.732.526 actions were despatched to the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC) being tested in 2012. My best ten rating unveils some authentic surprises…What is definitely the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC) carrying out? The Swiss COSC is tests the precision of mechanical- and quartz-movements (not all the watch, just the motion) after which certifies the result by a COSC chronometer certificate that belongs uniquely on the movement examined.Tests conditions are based upon ISO 3159 that defines a wrist chronometer with spring-balance oscillator. The method lasts 14 days they're the deviations in seconds tolerated for just a mechanical movement:Regular everyday charge: -4/+6Mean variation in rates: 2Greatest variation in charges: 5Difference in between prices in H V positions: -6/+8Largest variation in rates: 10Thermal variation: ±0.6Rate resumption: replica tag heuer link searacer watches ±5There is not any ISO typical for quartz timepieces yet, but there is development in this discipline. These are definitely the deviations in seconds tolerated for any quartz movement:Typical each day fee at 23 °C: ±0.07Rate at eight °C: ±0.2Rate at 38 °C: ±0.2Rate balance: 0.05Dynamic charge: ±0.05Temporary effect of mechanical shocks: ±0.05Rate resumption: ±0.05Residual impact of mechanical shocks: ±0.05;two hundred shocks equivalent to one hundred g (981 m/s², three,217 ft/s²)Not all companies do give the initial COSC chronometer certification towards the client. Rather they concern their particular certificates attesting the movement from the watch was examined by COSC and earlier the check.Let me now supply you with the figures from very last year. 1st you always browse the brands name, then the quantity of movements tested in 2012. In brackets you can read the amount of actions analyzed in 2011 and thereafter the rise or lower from 2011 to 2012 expressed in per cent.Rolex 799.000 (751.000) +6,4%Omega 526.000 (509.000) +3,3%Breitling 157.000 (154.000) +1,9%Mido 61.000 (forty nine.000) +24%Tissot 50.000 (7000) +614%Panerai 29 replica latest rolex watches .000 (34.000) -15%Chopard 23.000 (29.000) -21%Enicar sixteen.000 (seventeen.000) -6%Titoni fifteen.000 (21.000) -29%Invicta 10.000 (0) %So now you have to be familiar with, that these figures naturally don't immediately indicate that all these actions later on experienced been assembled to an entire watch and bought. There is certainly lots of politics driving who ranks in which and when, replica watches so I personally particularly question the figures of Rolex. I have different sources telling me that Rolex in 2012 on no account offered 799.000 COSC accredited watches.Anyone who study my REPORT knows which i estimated that Rolex offered all-around 600.000 watches (like some even not COSC tested parts) past year. So there exists a niche of just about two hundred.000 units. The only reply I've for this phenomenon is the fact of course more movements are tested to often be the number one about the COSC listing. Either Rolex very last 12 months did put currently examined movements once more to COSC, or even the actions dealing with just after income assistance have been also examined at COSC, or Rolex created a great deal more then wanted and did place some 200.000 movements on stock.Omega bought some 800.000 watches in total so I don´t ought to question the 526.000 actions set to COSC in 2012.About Breitling I'll now have to appropriate my believed determine of 200.000 watches sold in 2012 to 157.000, since Breitling certifies 100% of its manufacturing, mechanical and quartz. Not surprisingly it's feasible that also Breitling performs close to with COSC…a propos quartz: All Invicta movements ended up quartz and 35.000 were coming from Breitling.Exactly where is TAG Heuer? A previous significant participant in this particular rating No clue! It appears that evidently TAG Heuer does provide less and less actions to generally be accredited by COSC.Mido is accomplishing sturdy and may well be even more powerful future year. It´s while in the tactic of your brand to promote COSC-tested (movements) watches for any fair cost.The biggest surprise below is not surprisingly Tissot using an enhance of 614 % from 7000 to 50.000 actions. I heard from numerous resources that Tissot may well basically invade the COSC to kick Rolex from its throne. The brand new motion enabling Tissot to complete so is a derivate with the new Swatch Sistem fifty one computerized motion made by ETA. But men inbetween you and me: Also Swatch could easily tune its Sistem 51 movements to pass COSC. Yes, the Swatch Sistem 51 is always that very good! Imagine what would occur if Swatch would start off executing this? The only motive why Swatch won't ever certify in bigger portions is the value stage. But who is aware if we shall not see a COSC certified Swatch sooner or later. Men, we will really have to adhere to what Tissot ideas. If Tissot invades the COSC with its Sistem fifty one derivate then we shall see some serious surprises…Why the many other COSC-figures shown listed here are unfavorable, this could have different motives: Either the companies talked about bought much less watches in 2012 and so did not put additional movements to COSC for tests, or even the purpose basically is the fact a number of the 2011 examined movements belonged to particular editions and as a consequence miss out on in 2012.I will preserve you updated and as soon I've new appealing specifics to suit your needs I will enable you know.Responses? As often they're really appreciated! Make sure you allow me understand what you think� replica tag heuer monaco quartz watches
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